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Green architecture strategy for small and medium works

The majority of green certificates appear on projects with high levels of investment, particularly with internationally certified certificates such as LEED, HQE, and domestic such as Lotus. So where are the small and medium works? Where do not apply the…

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Turn the city balcony into a resort paradise

Living in a crowded city, many high rise buildings, street dust and smoke can cause a tight feeling for city citizens. You need some space to relax. Turn your balcony into a resort paradise in the heart of the city…

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“HẰNG NGA ĐÀ LẠT” VILLA INTRODUCTION When thinking about Da Lat City, you will probably think that this city is home to peaceful villas, ancient is surrounded by pine forest but here is a pretty “monster”, độc đáo, khác hẳn với những…

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