Kengo Kuma is a member of a Japanese architecture firm that commissioned the design of the Odunpazari Museum of Modern Art. The museum is expected to exhibit a large collection of modern Turkish art.

Because the Eskishehr was a large timber town in northwestern Turkey, the architect decided to use the main material for the oakwork to make blocks and stack up the rules. at all. However, higher floors will be piled up to the center of the building (highest in the center of the building).

The purpose of this design is to create a style and material suitable for traditional woodworking in this region. On the other hand, if viewed from above, the design of the building will also integrate with the architecture surrounding the house.

“The architecture of the building will be like the planning, the model of the houses around it. The rise of the high rise towards the center of the building makes it a cultural landmark of the region, “the design team shared.

Each of the museum’s huge oak boxes will have a different dimension and return in distinct directions to create a variety of exhibit spaces. Small blocks will be placed at the top of the building.

Four wooden boxes will merge and another wooden box will be built on the center of each of the four wooden boxes and they will be connected to each other at each level, allowing the natural light to overwhelm the entire field. Thanks to the gap between the bars on the outside.